How to Draw a Racing Car

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a racing car. To do this, you need the standard artist tools. A sheet of paper, a pencil, and an eraser.

how to draw a RACING CAR

If you are interested in how to draw a racing car, then you are on the right way. Let’s take a look at this lesson using a typical racing car. You will be able to draw other sports car models, based on the stages from this tutorial.

So, grab whatever will help you in the drawing process and start the racing car drawing tutorial.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to draw a racing car

  1. Draw the body.

    To begin with, use strict straight lines to draw the outlines of the vehicle’s body. The first stage lines should be very light.How to Draw a Racing Car fast

  2. Draw the correct form.

    The next step is to sketch out the desired form of the car. Namely, shape the outlines of the front and rear bumpers. Draw the spoiler on the trunk lid. Also depict the wheel arches and the sill’s line. Erase unnecessary lines.How to Draw a Racing Car drawning

  3. Draw the windows.

    Next, you should draw all the windows of the vehicle. Outline the side window, then the windshield, and the rear window. Sketch the spoiler lines here.How to Draw a Racing Car quickly

  4. Add some details.

    Now draw the lines outlining the rear bumper, then the lines for the front bumper. Depict one door of the racing car coupe. And draw the spoiler’s detail.How to Draw a Racing Car guide

  5. Depict more elements.

    Draw the small side mirror. Sketch the door handle. Use simple straight lines to sketch the sill of the car. Sketch some more body lines based on our example.How to Draw a Racing Car simple

  6. Add some more details.

    The next step is to draw the headlight of the vehicle. Outline the additional lines from it that will form the hood and fender of the car. Don’t forget to draw the line at the back and depict the turn signalsHow to Draw a Racing Car easy

  7. Detail the body of racing car.

    Next, you need to make the body more convex. Draw the lines on most of the details to do this. See how to arrange them in our example. It’s simple.How to Draw a Racing Car lesson

  8. Draw the wheels.

    Use two circles of different diameters at the front and rear to represent the tires and rims. Be careful to draw even circles.How to Draw a Racing Car tutorial

  9. Detail the rims.

    Next step. Draw the center hub holes of the rims, then sketch out the six spokes on each rim. Finally, add the lines of the inner rim.How to Draw a Racing Car step by step

  10. Add some shadows and highlights.

    In the final stage, you should make the racing car drawing more voluminous. You need to add shadows to do this. Based on our example, shade the sections of the race car as well. Great job.How to Draw a Racing Car

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