How to Draw a Rolls Royce

This is a tutorial on how to draw a Rolls Royce. This English car manufacturer is famous for its very expensive executive vehicles. Well, let’s draw it.

how to draw a ROLLS ROYCE

Today’s lesson is about how to draw a Rolls Royce, you will need a regular pencil, an eraser, and a blank sheet of paper. You will draw the classic model of this car brand.

Are all the art supplies in front of you? If yes, then scroll down the page below and start the Rolls-Royce drawing tutorial!

Time needed: 50 minutes

How to draw a Rolls Royce

  1. Draw the body of the premium car.

    In the beginning, sketch out the outlines of the vehicle using simple straight lines. Nothing complicated here.How to Draw a Rolls Royce quickly

  2. Create the correct form.

    The next step is to form the desired body features. Namely, the front and rear bumpers, the hood and trunk lines of the car. Also, outline the wheel arches.How to Draw a Rolls Royce fast

  3. Draw the windows frame.

    Next, you should draw the side windows and windshield of the Rolls Royce. Use both straight and smooth lines.How to Draw a Rolls Royce drawing

  4. Add the doors and windows.

    The next step is to draw two doors of the premium car. See how to make correct lines in our example.How to Draw a Rolls Royce simple

  5. Add the handles and mirror.

    Depict the brand badge on the hood of the car. Then outline the elements of the body. Draw the side mirror, door handles on each of the doors. Also, do not forget to add decorative vehicle moldings.How to Draw a Rolls Royce easy

  6. Add the headlights and rear lamps.

    The details and lines from this step will make this car recognizable. To do this, you should draw those very headlights and the lines of the front fender. Then draw the lamps on the back of the Rolls Royce. Don’t forget about the rounded lines of the rear fender.How to Draw a Rolls Royce guide

  7. Detail the body of the car.

    The next step is to detail the body. You need to add realism to the body. Draw lines as in our example to do this. Also, add the decorative element for the bumper.How to Draw a Rolls Royce tutorial

  8. Draw the wheels on Rolls Royce.

    Now you should draw the tires and rims. Outline the larger and smaller circles. Try to make them as even as possible.How to Draw a Rolls Royce lesson

  9. Detail the rims of the car.

    Draw the multi-spoke rims. You can start at the center hub hole and then move on to the spokes themselves.How to Draw a Rolls Royce step by step

  10. Add shadows to the Rolls-Royce drawing.

    Draw the shadows on the car. This will add volume to the drawing. See how to do this in our example. Well done.How to Draw a Rolls Royce

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