How to Draw a Race Car

In this tutorial on how to draw a race car, you will learn how to do it step by step using a regular artist’s kit. Namely, using clean paper, pencil, and eraser.

how to draw a RACE CAR

Today’s lesson is about how to draw a race car. We’ll look at this using a typical super sports car as an example. Many racing cars are similar and consist of the same elements. After this tutorial, you will be able to draw any racing car.

So, are you ready to get started? If yes, then scroll down the page below and start the race car drawing tutorial!

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to draw a race car

  1. Draw the body.

    Start by drawing the outline of the car body. Do this using simple lines, both straight and smooth.How to Draw a Race Car fast

  2. Make the right form.

    The next step is to form the correct outlines of the supercar. Draw lines for the bumpers and the sill of the car. Draw two wheel arches. Then draw the big sport spoiler for the race car.How to Draw a Race Car quickly

  3. Draw the windows

    Next, you should draw the windows of the vehicle. Sketch out rounded side windows. Then, using strict straight lines, depict the windshield and rear window.How to Draw a Race Car drawing

  4. Draw the elements.

    In this step, sketch out the spectacular car door. Add the necessary effects from our example. Sketch out simple lines to the windows and also draw the front fender of the sports car.How to Draw a Race Car guide

  5. Add details on the race car.

    Outline the small side mirror of the vehicle. Also, add the missing spoiler lines. Nothing complicated.How to Draw a Race Car simple

  6. Add more elements.

    In this step, depict the stylish headlight and bumper elements. Also, draw these details at the back as in our example.How to Draw a Race Car easy

  7. Detail the body.

    Use simple lines to make the body more convex. Draw them on almost all elements. The race car will look more realistic.How to Draw a Race Car lesson

  8. Draw the tires.

    To draw the tires and rims, you need to outline the circles of different diameters. It won’t be difficult.How to Draw a Race Car tutorial

  9. Detail the rims of the race car.

    Draw the elements of the car rims. Start with the center round hub hole. Then draw the spokes. Try to achieve symmetry of the elements.How to Draw a Race Car step by step

  10. Add some shadows.

    The final step. Add shadows to make the race car drawing look more voluminous. Shade the car using our example. Amazing.How to Draw a Race Car

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