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How to Draw a Car

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In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a car step by step.

how to draw a car step by step

We will show you how to draw a car using the Audi A8 as an example, but using the eleven simple steps from this lesson, you can easily draw a car of any other brand.

In order to draw a car using our drawing tutorial, you will need the simplest set of an artist, consisting of a pencil, paper, and eraser.

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Car

  1. Draw the general outlines of the car

    Start by sketching out the outlines of the body using very light lines. Mark the location of the roof, hood, and trunk with very rough strokes.step 1 how to draw a car

  2. Detail the outline of the body

    Draw the outlines of the front and rear bumpers, as well as the wheel arches. In our example, these arches are semicircular, but you can give them a different shape.step 2 car drawing tutorial

  3. Draw the windows

    First, draw the rear window and windshields. Next, draw the side window frame with two long, flowing lines. The lines should be dark and crisp.step 3 car drawing lesson

  4. Draw the doors

    Start by sketching the lines of the windows. Next, continuing these lines draw the doors. The back and front doors are roughly the same sizes here.step 4 how to draw a car step by step

  5. Draw handles and a mirror

    Draw handles just below the windows. They can have very different shapes in different cars. Then draw a rearview mirror and correct the outlines of the hood and trunk.step 5 how to draw a car from the side

  6. Draw the headlights and tail lamps

    Using clear lines draw the headlights and tail lamps as shown in our example. Next, sketch out the visible side of the radiator grille, the air intake, and the rear reflector.step 6 learn how to draw a car

  7. Erase the construction lines

    When erasing the construction lines, be extremely careful not to erase the necessary lines. Add some decorative lines like in our example.step 7 car drawing easy

  8. Draw the wheels

    In order not to make a mistake in drawing the wheels, and to check the correctness, sometimes look in the mirror at your car drawing. In the mirror image, you will see all the mistakes.step 8 how to draw a car wheels

  9. Draw the rims

    Similarly, when drawing rims, you can use a mirror to check your drawing and correct mistakes. By the way, rims come in many different types and shapes, so don’t limit yourself to inventing interesting patterns and shapes for your rims.step 9 car drawing guide

  10. Add shadows

    Shadows should be applied using hatching of different directions and density. You can also paint your car drawing to make it look more lively and interesting.step 10 car drawing

  11. Car drawing completed

    Check your drawing, compare it to our example. You can leave your car drawing as it is, or add some additional elements.step 11 how to draw a car

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