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How to Draw a Drag Car

This drawing simple but realistic drawing lesson will show and tell you how to draw a drag car – a car specially made for drag racing.

how to draw a DRAG CAR

In this tutorial on how to draw a drag car, we decided to use the image of a Ford Mustang converted for drag racing. Yes, if you often visit the pages of Drawingcars.net, then you probably noticed that we love this car very much, as we have repeatedly created different drawing lessons on this model.


Time needed: 50 minutes.

How to Draw a Drag Car

  1. Create the outlines of the body.

    As we said in the lesson about the classic car, the Ford Mustang has very clear lines, a long hood, and a smooth sloping roof.
    drag car drawing guide

  2. Depict the wheel arches.

    It is necessary to give them the most smooth and rounded outlines. Also, don’t forget to add some detail to the front and rear.
    drag car drawing lesson

  3. Draw the window.

    The window frame of this car is quite small, as the Ford Mustang is a classic coupe. By the way, don’t forget to sketch visible part of the windshield.
    drag car drawing tutorial

  4. Draw the door.

    Do this with a few clear and straight lines. Don’t forget to draw the threshold of the car and detail the window using straight lines.
    how to draw a car

  5. Add details.

    At first, add the handle. Next, add the fuel filler flap and air intakes on the side of the body and on the hood (by the way, this is one of the distinctive features of drag cars).
    how to draw a classic car

  6. Add more details.

    Using clear and short lines draw details in the front and rear of the car body. Don’t forget to add bumper lines and turn signals.
    how to draw a car

  7. Add the decorative lines.

    These lines, as we wrote in our other drawing lessons, serve not only to decorate the car, but also to give the body additional rigidity.
    how to draw a racing car

  8. Depict the wheels.

    As you can see, cars of this type have larger wheels than other cars. This is necessary in order to more easily cope with the tasks facing the racer.
    how to draw a drag racing car

  9. Draw the rims.

    In drag racing, you rarely find too complex and intricate rims. The cars created for these races are most often fitted with classic wheels straight from the 20th century.
    drag car drawing tutorial

  10. Add shadows.

    Shadows will make your drag car more voluminous and realistic. To do this, use a crisp hatching like in our example.
    how to draw a drag car

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