How to Draw a Garbage Truck

How to Draw a Garbage Truck

In this tutorial, we will learn how to draw a garbage truck – a vehicle for transporting garbage and waste that you will find in any city in any country.

how to draw a garbage truck

To understand how to draw a garbage truck, you need to know what parts it is usually assembled from. Trucks of this type usually consist of a driver’s cab, a large roomy body for transportation garbage, and a special elevator with a platform closed by a tilted system.

If you are ready, then let’s start our garbage truck drawing tutorial!

Time needed: 50 minutes

How to draw a garbage truck

  1. Draw the body.

    The first step is to draw the basic outlines of the car body. You will need a pencil and an eraser will come in handy.How to Draw a Garbage Truck machine

  2. Make additional sketches.

    The next step is to draw the wheel arches and make more detailed sketches. Nothing complicated, just look at our example.How to Draw a Garbage Truck quickly

  3. Add some elements to the garbage truck.

    You should outline the truck window, windshield, and door handle. You should use straight, clear lines to draw the trash box.Garbage Truck drawing guide

  4. Detail the cabin and body.

    Here you should make the garbage truck textured. To do this, draw geometrically straight lines on the body and smoother ones on the cabin. If it doesn’t work the first time, use an eraser, don’t worry.Garbage Truck drawing

  5. Draw the additional details.

    In this stage, sketch out the elevator mechanisms and some additional details using even circles. Also, don’t forget to draw the side mirror and windshield wiper.How to Draw a Garbage Truck simple

  6. Even more detail.

    The next stage is to hatch the body using straight lines. Add details to the fuel tank. Don’t forget to draw the hydraulic hoses for the elevator system. Also here you need to depict steps, finish the wheel arch. And of course, sketch owt the headlight of the vehicle.Garbage Truck drawing lesson

  7. Even more texture.

    This step is similar to the one before, the difference here is that you need to draw the smaller figures. Be careful, do not rush.Garbage Truck drawing tutorial

  8. Draw the wheels of the garbage truck.

    Next, draw the tires and rims of the vehicle. This is done using circles of different diameters. Please note that the wheels here are of different diameters.How to Draw a Garbage Truck step by step

  9. Detail the rims.

    Here you should add the small details of the rims. Start at the central hole. Then depict the bolts with small circles and after that draw the hole to lighten the weight of the rims.How to Draw a Garbage Truck easy

  10. Add the shadows.

    In this final stage, add some shadows to the garbage truck drawing. This will give a more naturalistic volume. Take a look at our example.How to Draw a Garbage Truck


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