How to Draw a Food Truck

This tutorial will be about how to draw a food truck – a mobile shop selling fast food and drinks on wheels.

how to draw a food truck

This vehicle can be both streamlined and angular, as in our example. In any case, if you are interested in how to draw a food truck, the basic elements and the principle of drawing this truck are identical. You can use a pencil and eraser in our tutorial.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to draw a food truck

  1. Outline the body.

    Using straight lines, draw the outlines of the car. This will be the base of the truck drawing

  2. Draw some details.

    The next stage is to outline the truck bumpers, front and rear respectively. Also, add the side mirror. Depict the wheel arches of the car. You can round the hood if you wish.How to draw a food car quickly

  3. Outline the windows of the food truck.

    In this stage, sketch out the front and rear windows of the food truck. Note that they are rounded in some places. If you can’t draw the first time, don’t worry and use the eraser.How to draw a food car elementary

  4. Sketch out the door.

    Next, draw the door connecting window. Everything is simple here, look at our truck drawing guide

  5. Add the details.

    As you can see, some elements of the car should be drawn car drawing lesson

  6. Add the decorative elements.

    Depict a few body elements that will give the food truck drawing a more complete truck drawing tutorial

  7. Draw the food stall.

    This is an unusual but interesting stage. Here you need to draw the visor, shelves, and the window for a food seller.How to draw a food car simple

  8. Outline the wheels.

    Draw the truck tires and rims using circles of different diameters.How to draw a food car easy

  9. Detail the rims.

    You should draw small details here, namely bolts and slots to facilitate the weight of the rims.How to draw a food car step by step

  10. Draw the shadows.

    Add the final touches to the food truck drawing. The shadows give the vehicle a finished, realistic look.How to draw a food truck

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