How to Draw a Lamborghini

In this lesson, we will easily teach you how to draw Lamborghini – a legendary supercar with its charismatic, memorable appearance.

how to draw a Lamborghini

To learn how to draw a Lamborghini, we need only a pencil, eraser, and a sheet of blank paper. Optionally, when completing the drawing, you can color it, for example, with felt-tip pens. So let’s start our Lamborghini drawing tutorial!

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to draw a Lamborghini

  1. Draw the body.

    Sketch the outline of the car body. Look at our example, try to repeat the same thing. In case of a mistake, the eraser will help you.How to Draw a Lamborghini quickly

  2. Add the details.

    Next, depict the Lamborghini wheel arches, outline the taillights and also sketch out the shape of the front and rear bumpers.Lamborghini drawing

  3. Draw the windows.

    The next stage is to draw the windows of the supercar and its windshield. In order not to be mistaken, be guided by our Lamborghini drawing. Nothing complicated.How to Draw a Lamborghini supercar

  4. Add some elements.

    In this stage, draw the Lamborghini coupe door, add glass elements, change the lower shape of the car. In order not to be mistaken, be guided by our Lamborghini drawing.Lamborghini drawing lesson

  5. Draw more details on the Lamborghini.

    The next step is to sketch out the graceful side mirror, door handle, and round fuel filler flap using flowing lines.Lamborghini drawing guide

  6. Add more elements.

    Next, draw the elements of the car that are important for the appearance, namely the front and rear headlights. Outline both bumpers, give them some character. Also, add the missing lines.How to Draw a Lamborghini step by step

  7. Add the texture.

    At this stage, you should add the texture. It is important to emphasize the sportiness of this car, for this add the necessary bends on the car body, our example will help you, look carefully.How to Draw a Lamborghini simple

  8. Draw the wheels.

    So, depict the big beautiful wheels. To begin with, this is done using several circles of different diameters. Easily.How to Draw a Lamborghini step by step

  9. Sketch out the rims.

    Now you should draw the spoked rims, bolts, and center hole with the edging of the Lamborghini badge. This is a beautiful creative step, enjoy it.How to Draw a Lamborghini easy

  10. Add the shadows.

    In the final stage, you need to add the shadows to the Lambo drawing as in our example. Add the required volume to the vehicle with hatching. The drawing of a powerful sports car is ready.How to Draw a Lamborghini

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