How to Draw a Fire Truck

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a fire truck – a vehicle that is designed specifically to extinguish fires and rescue people from burning buildings.

how to draw a Fire Truck

In different countries and even cities of the same country, fire trucks can have a different appearance, but this lesson on how to draw a fire truck will help you draw almost any type of this vehicle.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to draw a fire truck

  1. Sketch the body of the fire truck.

    As you can see, unlike the previous tutorials, the first step in drawing this car looks like a simple large rectangle.
    how to draw a FIRE TRUCK simple

  2. Outline the main parts of the truck.

    First, outline the cabin and rear. After that, outline the wheel arches. It is necessary to use smoother lines here.
    how to draw a FIRE TRUCK machine

  3. Draw the windows.

    Using straight, clear lines sketch the side windows and the visible part of the windshield. Next, using straight lines add details to the back of ours truck.
    FIRE TRUCK drawing

  4. Add some details on the fire truck.

    Here, as in the previous step, it is necessary to use straight and clear lines. Draw the door of the car and the stairs at the top.
    FIRE TRUCK drawing lesson

  5. Detail the cabin.

    Draw the handle and exhaust pipe. Next, draw a flashing light on the roof of the cab and a ladder under the door. Don’t forget to draw a small door on the back of the body.
    how to draw a FIRE TRUCK quickly

  6. Add decorative elements.

    Draw the decorative stripes Using long horizontal lines as in our example. Also, don’t forget to draw a mudguard under the cabin.
    FIRE TRUCK drawing guide

  7. Add some detail to the back.

    First, add details to the stairs as in the example below. Next, draw the vertical staircase and the small door at the back.
    FIRE TRUCK drawing tutorial

  8. Draw the wheels of the fire truck.

    Start by sketching out the outlines of the tires. Next, draw the outlines of the rims inside them. Try to keep these details as rounded as possible.
    how to draw a FIRE TRUCK step by step

  9. Detail the rims of the fire truck.

    For the first, you should draw the central part of the rims as in the other lessons. Then using small circles draw the bolts.
    how to draw a FIRE TRUCK

  10. Add shadows.

    The shadows are necessary for the drawing to achieve maximum volume and realism. In addition to shadows, it is necessary to depict glare on the windows.
    how to draw a FIRE TRUCK

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