how to draw a dump truck

How to Draw a Dump Truck

In this guide, we will show you how to draw a dump truck – a large truck designed for transporting and unloading loads.

How to draw a dump truck

How to Draw a Dump Truck: Introduction

This lesson on how to draw a dump truck is built on the image of a Belarusian car called BelAZ. These are some of the biggest cars in the world. But of course, using this dump truck drawing tutorial, you can draw trucks of any other brands.

Dump trucks are not only impressive machines, but also symbols of strength and work. They are used in construction, mining and many other industries, and their shape and design are quite characterful

This tutorial on how to draw a dump truck can be an interesting and fun experience, especially for those who are interested in technology and cars. No matter your skill level, this lesson will help you develop your artistic abilities and learn how to convey the volume and proportions of this car on paper.

On this page I decided to publish two lessons at once on how to draw a dump truck. The first step-by-step lesson will be for advanced artists, while the second instruction is created specifically for children.

Lessons will be presented in the form of step-by-step instructions accompanied by detailed illustrations. You can follow these instructions at your own discretion and pace to create unique art.

At the end of each lesson, you will be able to evaluate your achievements and share your work in the comments. Our team of experts is always ready to answer your questions and help you improve your skills.

Get ready to dive into the world of dump truck drawing! We are confident that you will be able to create stunning works of art that will delight you and your viewers. Don’t waste time and start your first lesson now!

Dump Truck Drawing Tutorial

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Dump Truck

  1. Sketch the outlines of the cab and dump body.

    Clear lines must be used here. If you want your skill in creating smooth and crisp lines to improve, then this is just the perfect exercise for you.
    dump truck drawing tutorial

  2. Detail the cab.

    First, draw the window using short lines as in my example. Next, draw a line separating the top of the cabin from the bottom.
    dump truck drawing lesson

  3. Detail the front part of the truck.

    Create the outlines of the door and the front part of the front arch. Don’t forget to add the handle. Next, add the air intake grille with a series of straight and short horizontal lines.
    dump truck line drawing

  4. Complete the front arch.

    To do this, use really simple lines as in my example. In addition, draw rectangular parts that will make your dump truck look more convincing and realistic.
    easy dump truck drawing

  5. Finish detailing the front of the truck.

    Finish detailing the front of the truck. Using clear lines (yes, almost the entire guide consists of such lines) draw the stairs and railings. Without these parts, the driver simply cannot get into this giant car.
    dump truck drawing easy

  6. Detail the dump body.

    Do this with long, clear lines. These strips are called stiffeners and help keep the dump body stronger. Don’t forget to add details at the to draw a big truck step by step

  7. Draw the wheels.

    These are probably the largest wheels that have ever appeared on the pages of Try to make them look as round as possible, and don’t forget about the tread pattern.
    how to draw a truck

  8. Draw the rims.

    As you can see, this part of the truck is made up of a large number of circular lines located within each other. Try to keep the rims pattern proportional and symmetrical.
    how to draw a dump truck step by step

  9. Add some finishing touches.

    Erase all unnecessary guidelines if any, and add missing details. For example, we added elements of the rear suspension.
    how to draw a dump truck easy

  10. Add some shadows.

    Without shadows and highlights, your dump truck drawing will look too flat and unrealistic. To add shadows, use dense hatching like in my example.
    how to draw a dump truck

Dump Truck Drawing Tutorial For Kids

This dump truck drawing tutorial will be much easier. As you can see, we are not using strokes or complex details here. At the end of this tutorial on how to draw a dump truck we will paint all the different bright colors.

How to Draw a Dump Truck step by step


In conclusion of the lesson on how to draw a dump truck, we can say that we have learned the basic principles of creating a realistic image of this vehicle. We disassembled its main parts and shape, studied perspective and shadows, and also learned how to convey the volume and texture of the dump truck.

While working on the drawing, we used various techniques such as line drawing, shading and blurring to achieve a more realistic effect.

This step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a dump truck helped us develop observation skills, hand-eye coordination, and patience and endurance.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and can apply the knowledge and skills you’ve learned to your future creative projects.


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