How to Draw a Big Car

How to Draw a Big Car

In this fairly simple step-by-step drawing instruction, we will show you how to draw a big car, using the example of a huge pickup truck from the Jeep company.

how to draw a BIG CAR

How to Draw a BIg Car: Introduction

Welcome to the big car drawing lesson! Big cars are powerful and impressive machines that command attention with their size and presence on the road.

In this tutorial we will explore techniques and techniques to capture the grandeur and detail of these cars on canvas. You’ll learn how to properly proportion and draw large bodies, adding detail, texture and shading to create a realistic and impressive drawing of a large car.

Before starting this tutorial on how to draw a big car, it is important to understand the anatomy of a car. What details make up its shape? What features do the wheels, body and windows have? In this lesson we will analyze the main elements of a car and learn how to depict them correctly.

Before you start drawing, it is recommended to sketch using light lines to determine the composition and placement of the car on a piece of paper. This will help avoid mistakes and allow you to make adjustments if necessary.

Of course, this tutorial on how to draw a big car can be used to represent any other pickup, truck, or SUV. Try to repeat accurately as possible all the details presented in our drawing, and in the end, you will get a completely realistic drawing of a big car.

Get your tools ready and let’s dive into this exciting big car drawing tutorial together! Let’s draw boldly and with confidence!

Big Car Drawing Tutorial

Time needed: 50 minutes

How to draw a big car

  1. Outline the body.

    It is necessary to use fairly light lines here. Don’t try to make them perfectly clear and dark. Keep in mind the fact that in the future all lines will be erased.How to Draw a Big Car Advanced

  2. Draw bumpers and wheel arches.

    First of all create the outlines of the front bumper, then the rear. After that, draw the wheel arches, repeating the outlines from my example as closely as possible.How to Draw a Big Car Vehicle

  3. Draw the doors of the big car.

    First, create the outlines of the doors. After that sketch the car windows. Note that in our example, the front door is larger than the back door.How to Draw a Big Car Powerful

  4. Add details.

    Draw handles and hinges on the doors. Then outline the mirror with a few simple lines. Next, sketch out the details of the hood and the line separating the front and rear of the big car.How to Draw a Big Car Classic

  5. Add some more details.

    Sketch out the sills and outlines of the wings. Next, draw the visible side edges of the headlights and add the round fuel filler flap as in our example.How to Draw a Big Car Pick Up

  6. Add the details to the front and rear of the big car.

    Draw the visible side of the windshield. Then add some small decorative details at the front of the big car. After that sketch out the rear fender and the line for the cargo bay.How to Draw a Big Car Lesson

  7. Detail the bottom.

    Try to reproduce the details as accurately as in our example. By the way, you can always check the accuracy and proportionality of your drawing by looking at it in the mirror.How to Draw a Big Car Tutorial

  8. Draw the wheels of a big car.

    First of all sketch out the outlines of the tires. They should be perfectly round. Next, draw the rims, which should also be perfectly circular.How to Draw a Big Car Easy

  9. Add details to wheels.

    First, draw the spokes as in my example. Then draw the center bore and bolts circles around that.How to Draw a Big Car Step By Step

  10. Add shadows.

    Shadows will help make your drawing of a big car more voluminous and realistic. Start with the darkest areas, then gradually work towards the lighter ones.10 How to Draw a Big Car


In conclusion of this tutorial on how to draw a big car, we want to say that drawing a big car is an interesting and creative process that requires perseverance and patience. But with the principles and techniques we’ve learned, you can create realistic and impressive car images.

Don’t forget that each drawing is an opportunity to show your individuality and creativity. Use your imagination and experiment with different styles and techniques to create unique and original works.

This lesson on how to draw a big car helped you develop observation skills, hand-eye coordination, and improve your use of a pencil or brush. These skills can be useful not only in drawing cars, but also in other areas of painting or design.


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