How to Draw a Classic Muscle Car

This tutorial will be focused on how to draw a classic muscle car. We will show you how to do this using the example of the classic Ford Mustang of the mid-20th century.

how to draw a CLASSIC MUSCLE CAR

This lesson on how to draw a classic muscle car will contain important information that will help you to draw any car of this type. All of them have a lot in common, and sometimes, different car brands look similar for an inexperienced person.

Time needed: 50 minutes

How to draw a classic muscle car

  1. Outline the body of the muscle car.

    The body should have an elongated outline, a long hood, and a sloping roof. The lines of the car at this stage should be light as possible because they can be corrected in the future.How to draw a classic muscle car style

  2. Draw the window.

    First, draw the outline of the window as in my example. After that, sketch out the details inside the window frame. Remember to depict the visible side of the windshield.How to draw a classic muscle car mustang

  3. Outline the door.

    As you can see, this door is drawn using two simple lines. Recall that you can check the proportionality of the picture by looking at it in the mirror.How to draw a classic muscle car vintage

  4. Add some details on the muscle car.

    On the left side of the door, draw the handle and the lock. On the right side, sketch out the rearview mirror. By the way, another way to check the correctness of the drawing is to move it away from you a short distance.How to draw a classic muscle car quickly

  5. Draw some decorative details.

    Using long and clear lines, draw long decorative lines on the side of the body. Next, outline the rear fender and the visible part of the headlight.How to draw a classic muscle car drawing

  6. Sketch the air intake.

    This small but important detail is drawn using a large number of straight and short lines at the same distance from each other.How to draw a classic muscle car guide

  7. Draw the bumpers.

    Draw the front bumper first, then move on to the rear. By the way, you can add any additional details, such as interior details.How to draw a classic muscle car lesson

  8. Outline the wheels of the classic muscle car.

    First of all sketch out the outlines of the tires, and then the outlines of the rims. Both of these parts should have a perfectly round shape, as shown in our example.How to draw a classic muscle car easy

  9. Detail the rims.

    Start by marking the center of the rims. After that, start drawing the spokes that radiate from the center to the edges.How to draw a classic muscle car step by step

  10. Add the shadows.

    This is necessary to give volume to the picture. To draw the shadows on your classic muscle car, you should use hatching.How to draw a classic muscle car

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