how to draw a fast car

How to Draw a Fast Car

We invite you to a new lesson in which we will show you how to draw a fast car. You will be able to use the acquired skills in your next work.

how to draw a fast car step by step

In this drawing lesson you will learn how to draw a fast car step by step. If you already have some experience in drawing cars, then you will quickly cope with this creative task, but even if you are a beginner, you will still achieve a good result, since the instructions are very clear and accessible.

Now you have to draw a two-door passenger car, which has an elongated body and a streamlined shape. The rear of the car is slightly raised. Due to its design features, such a car can reach high speed. This car model can be used both on the racetrack and on public roads.

We hope you enjoy this tutorial and have a pleasant experience. As usual, you will start drawing with basic lines and gradually add details. In order for the car to have a more realistic look, you will use hatching. Note that all the dashed lines are in roughly the same direction.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Fast Car

  1. Draw the main lines.

    Determine the size of your drawing and mark the outer contour of the car. In this case, use only thin lines that can be easily removed if to draw a fast car easy

  2. Detail the bottom of the car.

    Using curved lines, draw the front and rear of the car, then add two wheel arches and draw a straight connecting line between the wheel to draw a super fast car

  3. Sketch out the windows.

    Draw the visible part of the front window. Using smooth lines, depict the elongated side window, while the upper part of the side window has the double to draw a car going fast

  4. Detail the outline of the car and add the door.

    Draw the hood and trunk lid with smooth lines. Draw the outline of the door, add horizontal lines at the bottom of the body and draw three transverse stripes on the side to draw a very fast car

  5. Detail the wheel arches and add small elements.

    Above each wheel arch, draw semicircular lines, draw a side mirror, which consists of several elements, and add a small door to draw a fast race car

  6. Depict the headlights.

    The front and rear lights have a complex shape, but we hope you can handle this task. Take your time and try to draw the same lines as in our car drawing lesson

  7. Detail the body of the car.

    Now you can add volume to your drawing. Draw the relief parts on the body of the car, for this, carefully draw thin smooth car drawing tutorial

  8. Add the wheels.

    Draw several even circles of different diameters in order to depict the outer and inner contours of the wheels. Then draw small connecting lines from the wheels to the body of the car drawing guide

  9. Depict the rims.

    This step will require you to be careful and accurate. Draw a small circle in the center of each wheel and add curly elements around it in succession.simple fast car drawing

  10. Add the hatching.

    At the last stage of drawing, add short dashed lines in order to indicate the dark areas and raised elements on the body of the car drawing step by step

We are glad that you showed patience and went through all the stages of drawing. Now you have acquired useful skills that you can apply in your next drawings. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments. Finally, we recommend that you visit other lessons presented on this site and learn how to draw different car models. The more often you draw, the better your drawings will look.


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