How to Draw a BMW 8 Series

How to Draw a BMW 8 Series

In this lesson we will show you in detail how to draw a BMW 8 Series. With this tutorial, you will greatly improve your car drawing skills.

How to Draw a BMW 8 Series step by step

We invite you to complete a fascinating lesson on how to draw a BMW 8 Series. This German-made passenger car is very popular among motorists.

The main features of the car are a long hood, a sloping cut and embossed body panels. All this creates a feeling of speed and elegance. The front of the car is made in a classic style. Despite the sporty character, this model has a relatively roomy trunk.

Drawing this stylish car is a very exciting process, and you will soon see it for yourself. Prepare all the art materials that you will need to complete this lesson, and you can get started. We wish you to acquire useful skills and fully enjoy the creative process.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a BMW 8 Series

  1. Draw the main outline.

    Start drawing with baselines. With the help of thin lines draw the outline of the car, this way you indicate the size and location of your to draw a bmw i8 easy

  2. Begin to give the car the desired shape.

    With the help of smooth curved lines draw the outline of the front and rear of the car. Draw two wheel arches using smooth semicircular lines.BMW 8 Series drawing lesson

  3. Add the windows and a structural element.

    Depict the visible part of the front window. Draw the elongated side window that has a sharp angle at the front. At the bottom of the case, add a small structural element.BMW 8 Series drawing tutorial

  4. Depict the door and detail the window.

    With the help of smooth lines outline the door, add some straight lines at the bottom of the car body and draw transverse lines on the side window.BMW 8 Series drawing guide

  5. Detail the hood and add small elements.

    Use a smooth line to give the hood the desired shape. Draw the side mirror and an oval-shaped door handle. Add two smooth lines on the back of the car.cartoon BMW 8 Series drawing

  6. Sketch out the front and rear lights.

    Be careful and try to correctly depict the shape of the front and rear lights. Consistently draw all the necessary elements using smooth curved lines.simple BMW 8 Series drawing

  7. Detail the body of the car.

    On the body of the car, draw smooth, thin lines in order to indicate the protruding parts and give your drawing a more realistic look.easy BMW 8 Series drawing

  8. Draw the wheels.

    The body is ready, and now you can start drawing the wheels. Draw even circles of different diameters and draw connecting lines from the wheels to the car body.BMW 8 Series drawing for kids

  9. Depict the wheels.

    Continue detailing the wheels and give the rims the desired shape. In the center of each wheel, draw a small circle and successively add curly elements of different shapes.BMW 8 Series drawing step by step

  10. Give the drawing the finishing touch.

    So, you have come to the last stage of drawing, in which you need to add the hatching. Draw thin, straight lines on the windows, on all protruding elements, and on the bottom of the car body.BMW 8 Series drawing cartoon

Now you have learned how to draw a beautiful modern car BMW 8 Series. We hope that you did a great job with this work and got a pleasant impression. We would be interested to know your opinion about this lesson, and we are waiting for your feedback in the comments. Also on our site you can find many other exciting drawing lessons and learn how to draw other stylish car models.


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