how to draw a Truck easy

How to Draw a Truck Easy

This article is about how to draw a truck easy. With this guide you will learn how to draw this type of car very quickly.

how to draw a TRUCK EASY

In this tutorial, the team of will show you how to draw a Truck easy. It is a large pickup truck with a spacious cabin and an open cargo hold. Well, let’s go!

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Truck Easy

  1. Draw the body and the cabin.

    The first stage is to sketch out the basic outlines of the car’s body and cabin. This is easy to do with straight and smooth to draw a Truck easy fast

  2. Draw the wheel arches.

    Next, you need to sketch out the wheel arches of the Truck. Also, outline the taillight and front bumper. Draw the step just below the vehicle to draw a Truck easy instruction

  3. Draw the window.

    Now you should draw the side window in the pickup truck cabin. Also, add the lines connecting the steps and the truck to draw a Truck easy step by step

  4. Draw the doors.

    Sketch the cabin doors. Everything is easy here. Draw the first one, then the second door as in our to draw a Truck easy drawing

  5. Draw the side mirror.

    Next stage. Draw the side mirror of a car. Then depict handles on both doors. Do not to draw a Truck easy guide

  6. Draw the headlights.

    Draw the rear light of the truck as well as the lines of the rear bumper. Add the lines on the doors. Then move on to drawing the headlights and front to draw a Truck easy tutorial

  7. Detail the body.

    Create the rounded lines above the wheel arches, this will give the elements a bulge. Also, outline the missing line on the to draw a Truck easy lesson

  8. Create the wheels.

    Create two large-diameter circles as even as possible. Then sketch out two smaller circles in them. These will be the tires and rims of the to draw a Truck easy simple

  9. Detail the rims of the truck.

    Mark the center hub holes and mounting bolts. Then draw the design of the rims as in the picture from our to draw a Truck easy for beginners

  10. Finish the truck drawing.

    Erase any unnecessary construction lines if they remain. Add some details or additional elements. Now you can draw a Truck easy. You are great!how to draw a Truck easy


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