How to Draw a Jeep

How to Draw a Jeep

In this lesson we will show you how to draw a Jeep. If you complete all the steps of drawing, you will acquire useful skills.

How to Draw a Jeep step by step

We bring to your attention a clear and accessible instruction with which you will learn how to draw a Jeep step by step. The Jeep is a general purpose off-road vehicle used to transport goods and passengers. This is a big, strong and stylish car.

Jeep is a reliable car that is suitable for driving on city roads as well as on difficult road sections. Clear advantages also include roomy interior, excellent driving performance, trunk size and safety.

In the picture you see a Jeep that has an elongated body, high wheel arches and a spare tire. During the lesson, keep the proportions and try to draw the same lines as in our example. Take your time and be very careful at every stage of the drawing to get a great result. Prepare all the necessary art supplies and start drawing.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Jeep

  1. Draw the base.

    As usual, start drawing by building baselines. With the help of a few straight and curved lines, mark the boundaries of your future to draw a jeep easy

  2. Begin to give the car the desired shape.

    Using curved lines draw the front and back of the car and add the bottom outline. Use the lines you drew in the previous step as a to draw a jeep gladiator

  3. Depict the side windows.

    Please note that the shape of all windows is slightly different. The front window has the form of an irregular quadrilateral, the other two windows have the form of rectangles with rounded to draw a jeep truck

  4. Draw the doors, hood and other elements.

    Add the outline of the front and rear doors, draw two transverse lines on one of the windows, draw the hood and add a line at the rear of the to draw a jeep art hub

  5. Add small elements.

    In this step you have to draw several elements of different shapes. Draw the side mirror, door handles, door mounts and a few small elements on the to draw a simple jeep

  6. Detail the bottom of the car.

    Draw bulging elements above each wheel arch, add the bumper. Using several lines of different shapes, detail the bottom and rear of the to make a big jeep

  7. Depict three-dimensional elements on the car body.

    Add several even longitudinal lines on the car body in order to highlight individual parts and show the to draw a jeep car

  8. Sketch out the wheels.

    Draw several even circles to depict the inner and outer contour of each wheel. With the help of thin lines depict the space behind the to draw a cartoon jeep

  9. Draw the rims.

    In the center of each wheel, draw a small circle and around it sequentially place curly elements that have the same to draw a cool jeep

  10. Finish the drawing.

    Finally, add thin dashed lines in order to mark the dark areas and highlight the volumetric elements on the car body.Jeep drawing lesson

So the fascinating lesson on how to draw a Jeep has come to an end. If you remember all the drawing steps, then you can easily draw such a car if necessary. We would be interested to know your opinion about this tutorial, and we ask you to leave a little feedback in the comments. You can also suggest your ideas for the next lessons. We will definitely take into account all your wishes.


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