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How to Draw a Classic Car for Kids

With this easy step by step tutorial you will learn how to draw a classic car for kids and gain useful skills.

How to Draw a Classic Car for step by step

This is a tutorial on how to draw a classic car for kids. The step-by-step guide will help you develop your creative skills and you will learn some interesting facts.


Currently, there are car models that are antiques and collectibles. Usually, these are old cars that were produced many years ago, but are well preserved and are now of particular value. There is even an industry that deals with the restoration and tuning of classic cars.

The design of a classic car can be different, but in any case, such a car is easily recognizable. This picture shows a classic car that has an elongated body. The height of the cabin is not large, the trunk is elongated and wide.

Time needed: 40 minutes.

How to Draw a Classic Car for Kids

  1. Draw the frame.

    Using thin lines, draw a long rectangle the same size as your car.how to draw a simple classic car

  2. Depict the outer contour.

    Within the rectangle, draw the outline of the car using smooth lines. At the bottom, add wheel arches.how to draw a classic car easy

  3. Sketch out windows.

    Delete all auxiliary lines. Draw two differently shaped windows.how to draw a realistic vintage car

  4. Add the door.

    With smooth lines draw the door of the same shape as in the example.classic car drawing easy

  5. Draw the side mirror and door handle.

    These are two simple elements that you will quickly draw.classic car art drawings

  6. Depict the bumper and outline the front and rear lights.

    Draw the necessary lines. The shape of the front and rear bumper is symmetrical. Draw small lines to add the outline of the headlights.How to Draw a Classic Car for beginners

  7. Add the outline of the wheel arches and detail the body of the car.

    Depict a smooth rounded line along the contour of the wheel arches. Draw a straight line along the body of the car.classic car drawing guide

  8. Sketch out the wheels.

    Carefully draw rounded lines to depict the front and rear wheels.classic car drawing lesson

  9. Draw the rims on the wheels.

    Depict a circle inside each wheel, and add curly elements of the same shape.classic car drawing tutorial

  10. Color the drawing.

    Use different shades of green for the car. Choose a gray for the door handle, bumpers, and rims.classic car sketch

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