how to draw a ford mustang

How to Draw a Ford Mustang

We invite you to a lesson in which we will show you how to draw a Ford Mustang. You will definitely enjoy this guide and have a good time.

how to draw a ford mustang step by step

We have prepared for you a new clear and accessible instruction, which shows in detail how to draw a Ford Mustang step by step.

Drawing cars is a very exciting activity, and we are sure that this lesson will not leave you indifferent, because now you will draw one of the most beautiful cars.

The Ford Mustang is a sports car with a long hood, a small cabin and a small trunk. Check if you have all the art supplies at hand and get to work.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Ford Mustang

  1. Prepare the base.

    With the help of several smooth lines depict the outer contour of the car. At the initial stage, use only thin lines, and draw all subsequent elements with clearer to draw a ford mustang easy

  2. Give the car the desired shape.

    Using curved lines draw the outline of the front and rear of the car. At the bottom, draw semicircular lines in order to depict two wheel to draw a car ford mustang

  3. Draw the windows.

    Add the visible part of the front and rear windows. With the help of smooth lines draw an elongated side window, the front of which is an acute to draw a simple ford mustang

  4. Depict the door and detail the window.

    Using a few smooth lines, draw the outline of the door, draw a flat horizontal line at the bottom and draw three transverse lines on the side window to divide the window into mustang drawing

  5. Sketch out the hood and add small elements.

    At the front of the car, draw a smooth, curved line to detail the hood. Draw the side mirror and door mustang drawing lesson

  6. Add the headlights and other structural elements.

    With the help of several lines of different shapes depict the front and rear lights. Add structural elements to the front and rear of the mustang drawing tutorial

  7. Detail the body.

    Draw the protruding parts on the body of the car so that your drawing has a more realistic look. Add smooth lines on the body of the car and add semicircular lines above the wheel mustang drawing guide

  8. Draw the wheels.

    The body of the car is ready, and now we need to add the wheels. Draw a few even circles to represent the front and rear wheels, then add short connecting lines to the body of the car.easy ford mustang drawing

  9. Depict the rims.

    Add a small circle in the center of each wheel and add curly elements around it. Make sure that all elements have the same shape and are located mustang car drawing

  10. Add the hatching.

    Mark the dark areas and highlight the volumetric elements in the drawing. To do this, use short dashed lines that have approximately the same direction.simple ford mustang drawing step by step

So another exciting lesson came to an end, in which you learned how to draw a Ford Mustang. If you followed all the steps in this tutorial correctly, you should have a great drawing. Show the drawing to your friends and invite them to complete this lesson together. Practice as often as you can and improve your artistic skills with our simple instructions.


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