How to Draw a Dodge Challenger

How to Draw a Dodge Challenger

We invite you to a lesson in which we will show you how to draw a Dodge Challenger. This guide will be very interesting and useful for you.

How to Draw a Dodge Challenger step by step

So, before you a new instruction with which you will learn how to draw a Dodge Challenger step by step. We promise that this tutorial will be as fun as the other tutorials presented on this site. If you complete this lesson, you will acquire useful skills and have a good time.

The Dodge Challenger is a muscle car manufactured by Dodge. In the picture you see a new version of the car, which is a two-door coupe. This car looks stylish and solid. During the lesson, be careful and try to draw the same lines as shown in our example.

Try to make your drawing as similar to the sample as possible. And now prepare all the necessary supplies and start and sequentially follow all the steps in this manual.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Dodge Challenger

  1. Draw the main outline.

    As usual, start drawing by building baselines. At the start of your drawing, use only thin lines to mark the outer boundaries of your to draw a dodge challenger easy

  2. Begin to give the car the desired shape.

    Using curved lines, depict the front and rear of the car, taking into account all the design features. Then, using smooth lines, draw two wheel arches.Dodge Challenger drawing

  3. Sketch out the windows.

    Draw the visible part of the front and rear windows. Using straight and curved lines draw the side window in which the front and back are sharp corners.Dodge Challenger drawing lesson

  4. Depict the door.

    With the help of smooth lines draw the outline of the door. Draw a horizontal line at the bottom of the car body and draw transverse lines on the side window.Dodge Challenger drawing tutorial

  5. Add the outline of the hood and trunk, add small elements.

    Detail the front and back of the car, add an element on the roof of the car, draw the side window and door handle in the shape of a semicircle.Dodge Challenger drawing guide

  6. Depict elements to the front and back of the car.

    Using a few smooth lines, depict the design features of the front and rear of the car. Add thin elongated rectangles.Dodge Challenger drawing step by step

  7. Detail the body of the car.

    Draw volumetric parts, to do this, draw several smooth lines on the car body, and draw semicircular lines above the wheel arches.Dodge Challenger drawing easy

  8. Sketch out the wheels.

    Draw several even circles of different diameters to depict the front and rear wheels. Draw short connecting lines from the wheels to the body of the car.Dodge Challenger drawing simple

  9. Draw the rims.

    Depict small circles in the center of each wheel and successively add straight lines from the center to the outer edge of the rim.Dodge Challenger drawing for beginners

  10. Add the hatching.

    Now you have gone through all the stages of drawing, and it remains to give the car a more realistic look. Add shading to indicate dark areas and raised features on the body of the car.simple Dodge Challenger drawing

It was a fascinating lesson on how to draw a Dodge Challenge. We hope that you have correctly completed all the drawing steps, and you like the result of the work. Now you have acquired useful skills that will definitely come in handy in the future when creating new drawings. Show the drawing to your friends and invite them to complete this lesson together. Organize interesting and useful leisure time, communicate, compete and improve your artistic skills.


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