how to draw a bentley

How to Draw a Bentley

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a Bentley. Thanks to this instruction, you will quickly draw this vehicle.

If you complete this lesson, you will learn how to draw a Bentley step by step and gain useful skills. Bentley is a luxury car manufactured by a British company. Bentley’s lineup includes luxury cars, as well as two-door sports cars, convertibles, and roadsters.

The car has excellent technical characteristics and stylish design. Thanks to this, Bentley cars are popular with car enthusiasts. Many famous people have bought Bentley cars. Famous politicians, musicians, and even royalty praised the Bentley’s technical and external characteristics and used this car with pleasure.

As usual, you will start drawing with simple lines and gradually work your way into the desired shape. First you need to define the boundaries of your drawing and then gradually add small details and give volume to your drawing. Carefully follow the instructions and try to draw the same lines as in the example.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Bentley

  1. Draw the main outline.

    Depict all sides of the car, with the bottom side being one straight line. At this stage, use the thinnest lines, which can then be easily to draw a bentley car

  2. Designate the front and rear, add the wheel arches.

    Now start detailing the outline of the car and outline the front and back of the car. Then, using smooth semicircular lines, depict the wheel to draw a bentley easy

  3. Detail the top contour.

    In this step, pay attention to the curves and carefully draw them in the front and back of the car, giving the necessary shape. At the front of the car, add a small to draw a bentley for kids

  4. Sketch out the windows.

    Use smooth, curved lines to define the visible part of the front window and draw an elongated side window, the top of which has an inner and outer to draw a bentley simple

  5. Depict the doors and draw the relief.

    Using smooth lines, depict the convex parts on the car body. Draw the outline of the back and front doors. At the bottom, draw a horizontal line parallel to the bottom drawing lesson

  6. Add small elements.

    Draw the front and rear lights, the door handles and the side mirror. Using smooth lines, detail the front of the car drawing guide

  7. Draw the wheels.

    On each side, draw circles of different diameters to represent the front and rear wheels. Be careful at this step and try to maintain drawing tutorial

  8. Depict the rims.

    Draw a small circle in the center of each wheel. Between the circle and the outer contour, add curly elements in sequence, there should be eight of them on each drawing

  9. Add the hatching.

    Now you can make the drawing more realistic and add volume. Draw thin strokes around the wheel, on the bumper, on the headlights, on the side car drawing

  10. Make the outline clearer.

    Compare your drawing with our example and correct inaccuracies if necessary. If you like the result of the work, then you can circle the car along the contour and make the drawing clearer.simple bentley drawing

Now you have gone through all the stages of drawing and learned how to draw a beautiful executive class car. If you liked this step-by-step guide, then leave your feedback. This will motivate us to create new, exciting lessons. We recommend that you complete other lessons that are presented on this site in order to improve your artistic skills.


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