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How to Draw a Ferrari Car

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a Ferrari car. An example for this drawing lesson will be the Ferrari FF – a car of the Gran Turismo class.

How to draw a ferrari car step by step

To learn how to draw a Ferrari car, you will need the most common artist’s kit, consisting of such things as a pencil, paper, and eraser. Alternatively, you can use paints or felt-tip pens to add some color to your Ferrari drawing.


Time needed: 50 minutes.

How to draw a Ferrari car

  1. Use smooth lines to outline the body of the Ferrari.

    This stage is necessary in order to correctly place the future drawing on a sheet of paper, as well as in order to find the correct proportions of the future Ferrari drawing.how to draw ferrari car supercar

  2. Sketch the wheel arches.

    They should have a semicircular shape. Recall that you can always check the proportionality of the picture, or parts of it, by looking at it in the mirror.how to draw ferrari car sport

  3. Draw the window frame.

    This part of the Ferrari’s body should be outlined with a pair of long and flowing lines. The window frame in sports cars is always quite narrow.how to draw ferrari car drawing

  4. Draw the door.

    Depict a long horizontal line for the car threshold. Then use a couple of lines to outline the door. After that add the details of the back of the window as in my example.

  5. Add some details.

    The first step is to outline a door handle that looks very unusual. After that sketch out the rearview mirror, trying to repeat the details as in our example.how to draw ferrari car guide

  6. Draw the headlights.

    Next, depict the headlights and rear lights. After that, detail by adding small elements. Don’t forget to outline all the bumper parts as in the example below.how to draw ferrari car lesson

  7. Detail the body.

    Now sketch out the lines for dividing the body parts. Next, sketch out the side air intake and the Ferrari vehicle logo. You can make the logo more detailed than in my example.how to draw ferrari car step by step

  8. Draw the wheels.

    First depict the outer outlines of the wheels in the form of two circles. Then draw the outlines of the rims in the form of two more circles located within the contours of the tires.how to draw ferrari car step by step

  9. Detail the rims.

    Mark the center of the rims. Then start adding the car spokes that radiate from the center to the edges. Remember to mark the bolts around the center of the rim.how to draw ferrari car easy

  10. Add the shadows and highlights on the Ferrari.

    First, shade in the darkest areas of the Ferrari car drawing. Then carefully add hatching in the mid-tones and highlights.how to draw ferrari car

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