How to Draw a Mini Truck for Kids

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a mini truck for kids. You will definitely enjoy this guide and have a good time.

how to draw a mini truck for kids step by step

So, now we will tell you and show you in detail how to draw a mini truck for kids. This lesson is designed specifically for beginners and contains a clear description and a minimum of elements.

In the picture, you see a beautiful truck in which the driver’s cab and body are in a bright color. Probably, this is branded transport, the purpose of which is not only to transport goods, but also to provide an advertising campaign.

To successfully complete this lesson, you will need your ability to draw even straight and curved lines. Take your time during the lesson and try to carefully follow each step. For best results, use the small tips that we have prepared especially for your convenience.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Mini Truck for Kids

  1. Determine the size and location of your drawing.

    Before drawing the outline of the car, you must determine its size. Using a few straight lines, draw an elongated rectangle. In this step, use only thin lines that can be easily removed if to draw a small truck

  2. Depict the outline of the car.

    Now you can give the car the desired shape. Use smooth, curved lines to outline the driver’s cab and bodywork. Draw the front and rear to draw a simple truck

  3. Sketch out the windows.

    Using smooth lines, draw the visible part of the front window, then draw the side window, which has the shape of a rectangle with rounded to draw a mini truck easy

  4. Draw the door.

    Depict the elongated door using smooth lines, then add straight lines to indicate the gap between the driver’s cab and the to draw a mini truck simple

  5. Add the door handle, the side mirror and draw the upper part of the body.

    In this step, you have to draw a few simple elements. Draw the door handle in the form of a small rectangle, draw a side mirror. Add a horizontal line at the top of the to draw a mini truck cartoon

  6. Depict the rest of the small elements.

    Now you have to add a few more small elements. Draw the bumper, front and rear lights, then successively add a few elongated stripes on the top of the to draw a mini truck for beginners

  7. Detail the bottom of the mini truck.

    At the bottom of the truck, draw two smooth lines that are parallel and draw a straight line that runs from the end of the body to the driver’s cab.cartoon mini truck drawing

  8. Depict the wheels.

    The upper part of the car is ready, and now you can draw the wheels. To do this, draw circles of different diameters and depict the front and rear wheels.simple mini truck drawing

  9. Detail the wheels.

    Draw circles in the center of each wheel, and then successively add small circles along the outline of each tire.easy mini truck drawing

  10. Color the drawing.

    Compare your drawing with our example and if everything is correct, then proceed to coloring. Use different shades of red, paint the glass blue, you will also need light gray and truck drawing lesson

The lesson is over, and a new vehicle has appeared in your collection of drawings. If you liked this lesson, then leave a small review in the comments. We always read your feedback with interest and focus on your wishes when creating new, exciting lessons. Use our simple instructions and boost your creativity!

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