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How to Draw a Ferrari for Kids

With this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to draw a Ferrari for kids in just eight easy steps with helpful tips.

how to draw a ferrari step by step

If you love sports and racing cars, then you will definitely love this lesson on how to draw a Ferrari for kids. Here is a simple step-by-step guide that has a detailed description of each step.


When you learn how to draw a Ferrari, you will be able to use the acquired skills when drawing cars of other brands. Ferrari cars participate in various races. Including in Formula 1.

The traditional color of a Ferrari is red, but there may be other colors. To color the picture, you can use the same color as in the example or any other color of your choice.

Ferrari has excellent technical characteristics and an attractive appearance. The luxurious design of the Ferrari attracts the attention of car enthusiasts from all over the world. The body of the car has an elegant streamlined shape. The interior is quite comfortable and provides a pleasant driving experience.

Time needed: 40 minutes.

How to Draw a Ferrari for Kids

  1. Draw the outer outline.

    With the help of smooth lines, try to depict the elongated body and the streamlined shape of the car.how to draw a ferrari car

  2. Depict the wheel arches.

    At this stage, add two even semicircles.how to draw a ferrari art hub

  3. Sketch out the side window.

    Draw a long narrow figure of the same shape as in the example.how to draw an easy ferrari

  4. Add the doors, side mirror, and detail the window.

    With straight lines draw the door and the lower part of the body of the car. Depict the side mirror in the shape of an oval. Draw a dividing line on the side window.how to draw a ferrari for beginners

  5. Depict the headlights.

    The headlights are different. At this stage, use a few straight, even lines.how to draw a ferrari car easily

  6. Sketch out the wheels.

    Carefully delete unnecessary lines and draw two even circles.how to draw a cool ferrari

  7. Add details.

    Draw the rims on the wheels and add a small element to the body of the car.how to draw a ferrari easily

  8. Color the Ferrari.

    Use a bright yellow to color the hull. Color the wheels gray and black.how to draw a ferrari realistic

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