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How to Draw a Classic Car

In this drawing lesson, we will show you how to draw a classic car using the example of the good old Ford Mustang.

how to draw a CLASSIC CAR

So, as we wrote above, this lesson on how to draw a classic car will be created using the example of a Ford Mustang. It was not by chance that we chose this particular car as an example, because the Ford Mustang has a truly legendary design, and it is safe to say that the designers who created this car loved their job.


Time needed: 50 minutes.

How to Draw a Classic Car

  1. Sketch the outlines of the car.

    As you can see, the classic car we have chosen has clear and straight lines, as well as a long hood and sloping roof that smoothly merges into the trunk.
    how to draw a classic car step by step

  2. Sketch out the wheel arches.

    As you can see, the wheel arches look like semi-circles, or semi-ovals. Try to make them look as smooth as possible. Also, sketch out the lower edges of the front and rear bumpers.
    how to draw an old mustang

  3. Add the windows.

    First, create the visible part of the windshield with a pair of straight lines. Then sketch out the side widow as shown in our example.
    how to draw classic muscle cars

  4. Detail the windows.

    Draw the door and threshold of the classic car with a few simple lines. To make your sketch look convincing, add decorative elements to the window.
    how to draw an old fashioned car

  5. Add the handle and mirror.

    This should be done with simple short lines. In addition, sketch out the headrest and the long line of the hood and roof.
    how to draw a vintage car

  6. Add details.

    First draw the air intake at the rear of the classic car body, then depict the side visible parts of the front and rear bumpers.
    how to draw a muscle car

  7. Add more details.

    Now, using long and clear lines, draw decorative stripes on the side of the car. By the way, these lines make the car body stronger.
    how to draw old cars

  8. Draw the wheels of a classic car.

    First, sketch out the outlines of the round tires is In my example. Next, add the outlines of the rims inside the previously drawn circles of the tires.
    Classic car drawing lesson

  9. Draw the rims.

    Old cars usually have a fairly recognizable rim look. You can repeat the outline from my example, or come up with your own design.
    Classic car drawing tutorial

  10. Add shadows and highlights.

    First, add shadows to the darkest parts of the car. Then gradually start adding lighter shadows. Don’t forget the glare on the side glass.
    how to draw a classic car

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