How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro for Kids

In this lesson you will learn how to draw a Chevrolet Camaro for kids quickly and easily. Start this guide and get useful skills!

How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro step by step

This is a lesson on how to draw a Chevrolet Camaro for kids. If you carefully follow all the steps in this instruction, you will quickly master the drawing of this wonderful car model.

Chevrolet Camaro is a great option for young people. This model is not very convenient for the needs of a large family, but it is ideal for a young, ambitious owner.

Chevrolet Camaro has excellent technical characteristics. The car has a pronounced sporty silhouette with a long hood. A sleek, streamlined shape lends this Chevrolet Camaro a special chic.

As you can see, this model has a short trunk and the interior is shifted back. The car has a wide model range, which includes cars for personal use, as well as cars designed for the race track.

Time needed: 40 minutes

How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro for Kids

  1. Start drawing.

    Draw a rectangle with which you will indicate the dimensions of the car.How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro easy

  2. Depict the outer contour.

    Within the rectangle, draw the outline of the car as shown in the example.How to Draw a Chevrolet Camaro for beginners

  3. Sketch out windows.

    Now you can remove the guidelines. With the help of straight lines draw the part of the front window and two side windows of different sizes.Chevrolet Camaro drawing tutorial

  4. Trace the windows and draw the door.

    Trace the windows using straight lines. Depict the door, to do this, draw rounded lines on the sides and a straight line at the bottom.Chevrolet Camaro drawing lesson

  5. Draw the side mirror and handle on the door.

    This is a very simple step in which you have to draw two small elements.Chevrolet Camaro drawing guide

  6. Add the headlights and the bottom of the car.

    Depict the front and rear lights, sketch out lines at the bottom that is parallel to the bottom outline.simple Chevrolet Camaro drawing

  7. Add the relief.

    Draw smooth, curved lines to depict the raised parts on the body of the car.Chevrolet Camaro drawing lesson for kids

  8. Sketch out the wheels.

    Draw even circles to depict the front and rear wheels. At the bottom, add a straight line between the wheels.Chevrolet Camaro drawing easy step by step

  9. Depict the rims on the wheels.

    This step is more difficult than the previous ones because here you have to draw several identical even elements.How to Draw a cartoon Chevrolet Camaro

  10. Color the drawing.

    Use several shades of blue and depict a smooth transition from one shade to another. It looks very impressive. For coloring the wheels, choose a dark gray color.How to Draw a simple Chevrolet Camaro

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