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How to Draw a Car for Beginners

This tutorial is about how to draw a car for beginners. All cars are generally similar in design and appearance. Therefore, when you learn how to draw this average car, you can draw any other car.

how to draw a CAR For beginners

In this lesson on how to draw a car for beginners, we will take an ordinary modern mass car as an example. To draw it, you will need a pencil, a blank sheet of paper, and an eraser. Let’s go.


Time needed: 40 minutes.

How to draw a car for beginners

  1. Draw the body.

    First, draw the outlines of the car’s body. Here you need both strict straight lines and smooth ones in the area of the roof of the vehicle.How to Draw a Car for Beginners fast

  2. Make the right form.

    Next, draw the more correct form for the vehicle. Sketch out the border for the front and rear bumpers. Then outline two wheel arches. Also, depict a fin antenna to the roof of the car.How to Draw a Car for Beginners instruction

  3. Draw the windows.

    The next step is to draw the side windows. Also, combine strict lines with smooth ones. Then sketch out the windshield of the vehicle. Finally, outline the window in the back.How to Draw a Car for Beginners step by step

  4. Draw the doors.

    In this step, you should draw two doors. Sketch the front door and then the back door. Nothing complicated. Do not hurry.How to Draw a Car for Beginners guide

  5. Draw some details.

    Draw the side mirror of the vehicle as in our example. You also need to draw the door handles on the front and rear doors.How to Draw a Car for Beginners lesson

  6. Draw the headlights.

    At this stage, your task is to draw the front and rear headlights of the car. Also, don’t forget to add some decorative details on bumpers. Erase unnecessary lines with an eraser.How to Draw a Car for Beginners tutorial

  7. Detail the body.

    To give the car volume and more realism, you should add straight and smooth lines throughout the car body. Be careful. Be guided by our picture from the instructions.How to Draw a Car for Beginners drawing

  8. Draw the wheels.

    In this step, draw even circles of larger and smaller diameters. These will be the tires and rims of the car. The main thing here is not to rush.How to Draw a Car for Beginners easy

  9. Detail the rims.

    Mark the center hub bore. Then draw the wheel mounting bolts. And of course, sketch out the stylish rims. Take a look at our example. Do the same.How to Draw a Car for Beginners simple

  10. Complete the car drawing for beginners.

    Make the whole drawing attractive. Erase unnecessary construction lines if they remain. Great work!How to Draw a Car for Beginners

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