How to Draw a Bentley Continental GT

With the help of this lesson you will be able to learn how to draw a Bentley Continental GT. This lesson consists of ten steps.

how to draw a bentley continental gt step by step

So, we are pleased to offer you another wonderful lesson on the image of cars, and with the help of this instruction you will be able to learn how to draw a Bentley Continental GT.

The Bentley Continental GT is a high performance Gran Turismo sports coupe for city driving and long distance travel. The first four-seat coupe Bentley Continental GT was released in 2003. Since then, the car has received many improvements.

We hope you enjoyed learning more useful information about the Bentley Continental GT. Now take all the necessary art supplies and tune in to fruitful creative work. We wish you to do well with this exciting task and achieve the desired results.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw a Bentley Continental GT

  1. Draw the main outline.

    Start drawing by building baselines. Determine the size of the future drawing and use thin straight and curved lines to mark the outer boundaries of the to draw a bentley easy

  2. Add the contours of the rear and front of the car and add the wheel arches.

    Depict curved lines at the front and back of the car to give the car the desired shape. With the help of rounded lines depict two wheel to draw a bentley car

  3. Depict the windows of the car.

    Add the visible part of the windshield using straight lines and an incomplete oval. In order to draw the side window, draw straight and rounded continental gt drawing lesson

  4. Sketch out the outlines for the doors, arches, and footboard.

    Below the previously drawn outlines of the windows, add curved lines, as well as draw arcs above the arches and straight horizontal lines at the bottom of the continental gt drawing tutorial

  5. Add some more car elements.

    Draw the headlights at the front and back of the car and the elements below them using straight and curved lines of different continental gt drawing guide

  6. Draw the rest of the elements.

    This step is very simple. At this stage you need to draw the side mirror and the door continental gt drawing step by step

  7. Depict the raised features on the side of the car.

    Now you should draw thin straight and curved lines of various lengths on the side of the car, as shown in the picture, to make the car more continental gt drawing for beginners

  8. Add the car wheels and erase extra lines.

    Draw two symmetrical wheels using circles of different diameters, add short lines around them, and also erase unnecessary lines with the eraser.cartoon bentley continental gt drawing

  9. Finish drawing the wheels of the Bentley Continental GT.

    Inside the previously drawn circles, add a few more circles of different diameters, as well as many repeating curved continental gt drawing easy

  10. Apply the hatching.

    At the last stage of drawing, add short dashed lines in order to indicate the dark areas and raised elements on the body of the car.simple bentley continental gt drawing

Now you know how to draw a Bentley Continental GT step by step. We hope that you liked this lesson very much and you have a desire to visit other useful drawing lessons presented on this site. With the help of our clear and accessible instructions, you will greatly improve your car drawing skills. Draw as often as possible, share your impressions and leave your feedback. We always focus on your opinion when compiling new drawing lessons.

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